Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good morning!

I just had the urge to check in and write on here this morning, and I have no idea why. If you had the sudden urge to look at this blog, maybe you are the person I'm supposed to be talking to... Maybe? Like, a fate kind of thing? ...Or, maybe not. Anyway, I haven't been here in a while. You may have noticed. You may not have noticed. And maybe I'm just writing because I need to work out some stuff in my head.

I get really "into" something for a while, but the thing that I'm "into" changes periodically. I love to write on this blog, but other things came up that became MORE of an addiction. Like sometimes, I get really addicted to a game. A few years ago, when the kids were younger, it was the video game Animal Crossing. I loved to play that game. Then, more recently, it was Pop it or Bubble shooter, Farmville, or Bejeweled blitz. I play whatever game it is obsessively for what ever reason until I suddenly get bored with it. Then I won't go back, or if I do it's only occasionally. Sometimes, I get really addicted to a web site. I think the first time I felt that way, it was a message board that I was addicted to. It was about scouting, and I posted frequently and read all the posts that went up, and that was years ago. I felt that way about my email in the beginning, too; I couldn't wait to see if someone emailed me, and when I got an email I was so excited! I felt that way about Myspace. I had a great time designing and redesigning my space, finding graphics, and making comments. I scrolled through pages of music groups. I also really loved looking at all the other people's myspaces, and how they would evolve from day to day. Some would change from minute to minute. I would click through the myspaces of everyone I knew obsessively to see what was going on. And the same thing happened with the beginning of Facebook. (Although, for some reason, I haven't felt that way about Twitter yet. BUT Maybe I'll grow into it.)

The same thing with the blog. I love this blog, just like I loved writing on The Frankie Report before it. Right now, I tend to write on the Iselin Times blog most often. You can read it if you click HERE. The Frankie Report was great because I felt like I had a real story to tell, and I wanted to tell it, and I got some great feedback. I stopped writing it when the main subject - Frankie - stopped wanting me to report on him. This blog has been great too, but in a different way; I was more self-expressive, and more free-flowing. Sometimes this blog feels too self-indulgent, though. And sometimes I just don't have anything to say that I haven't said a million times before. The days change, but the opinions remain the same. For the most part.

The Iselin Times blog has been fun because I've been trying to write for a wider audience, in a more impersonal manner. I've tried to be a bit more of a reporter - although I am the first person to admit that I don't really have reporter tendencies, because I like everything to be happy-happy, and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or intrude where I don't feel comfortable. Reporters can't really be like that. But it's been fun to watch the counts rise on the Iselin Times. Currently I have something like 1000 readers a month, and it's been rising steadily every single month. I keep wondering, how long can this last? And what can I write about... people MUST be sick of reading about the weather and seeing a photo from my window. But I guess they aren't, at least not yet. I get SOME feedback, but not a lot. I would like to get more comments, but I've been having trouble doing that. But people are definitely clicking. The most frustrating thing about THAT is that the Adsense people won't reinstate my ads, since I messed up the first time. Hmph.

So recently, one of the web sites that fed traffic to the Iselin Times lost it's editor. I don't know what's going to happen with that. I am a little worried that I'm not going to see my clicks continue to rise. Maybe i will become less fun to write. Maybe it will be more of a challenge. Time will tell.

Right now, the main concern I have is that I don't have the time for everything I want to do. I'm trying to do so much, and I have so little time. I want to write, and paint, and hike, and garden, and dance around the living room, and get the laundry done, and cook something marvelous, and have tea with my friend, and go to the city. I have such a marvelous life, to have such an embarrassment of riches of experience.

Well, don't feel bad that I don't get to write on here too often lately. I still like to blog here, when the mood strikes. Check the Iselin Times blog if you want to read my stuff more often. Or the Susyluwho blog - which hasn't hit it's stride yet ... which you can find HERE. That one's sort of a rolling list of what I've created lately. I thought it would be good to have one place with all my projects on it. But I don't update it all that often either. Maybe that will be the one I work on most, after the Iselin Times ceases to excite me. I'll have to see.

Oh yeah, one more thought! Ya know how last summer was my "summer of art and flowers"? Well, for some reason, this is my "Alice in Wonderland" summer. Unfortunately, I'm not Alice, I'm the mad Hatter. I was Alice about 25 years ago.

See ya again soon!