Saturday, September 29, 2007

Feather in Grass


I really like this photo. I was surprised at how much I liked it. I'm in an artsy mood today, having just gone browsing through three art galleries and innumerable antique shops in Frenchtown and Lambertville.

Although I must say, it doesn't come out as well on the blog as it does in a larger view on my screen in picasa.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Studying on the train.


Compare and contrast socialism and capitalism. Labor unions. Taft and Roosevelt. The progressive reforms. And, last but not least, the 16, 17, 18, and 19 amendments to the constitution.
I wasn't studying, I was quizzing Frankie.
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Times Square

Hey there, Delilah.
Notice the labor strike above Frank's head, below the Panasonic sign?
What does that MEAN?
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Waiting for the SHOW

Why didn't we get a picture with Tim???
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OK, the question was raised -- who is Tim? You can visit Tim at his blog at Donnelly Ink. He's the guy in the music biz who we got to know when Frankie was sick, through a friend of a friend of a friend, who knows Eddie Vedder well enough to ask him to call Frankie -- and have Eddie actually call.



The other day, we got a call out of the blue from Tim Donnelly, who let us know that the recent Pearl Jam DVD -- which he had helped collaborate on -- was being released (which we already knew, of course) -- at a Super Cool premiere in Manhattan at the Ziegfield Theater. He wanted to know if we wanted to go. (Look at these pictures again, and Take a guess.)

The first consideration -- work/school. I'm waking up at such an ungodly hour now (5:30) that I've been going to bed super early. OK, I was fine with that, I can sleep on the train.

Then, Frank's work -- he was definitely interested. He figured he could get out of work on time to make it home and then to the train and then to the theater.

Then, school. It was "back to school night." I wouldn't get to meet the teachers. Not a problem, now that I work there. I can talk to them any time I want to.

Nick had no problem with being out late. He has very light classes this semester. At least, that's what he tells me so far. We'll see how the report card comes in.

The minor sticking point was Frankie. He had a lab report due for physics, and a test in history. But, of course, this was a PEARL JAM movie. So he was in.

We called Tim when we got into the city, and finally had the opportunity to meet him. He was very nice and even gave us the DVD (which we had already ordered, but now Frankie can have his own copy.) Afterwards, we thought to ourselves -- we are such idiots! We should have had him autograph it!

Actually, now that I'm sitting here thinking about it, the director, Danny Clinch, was there as well. We could have had him autograph it too. Oh well.

The theater was GORGEOUS. And we sat down in front, which was great from a concert movie perspective, although I would have liked to see how the audience was reacting, but I couldn't bring myself to turn around.

The movie was beautifully done, great music, beautiful cinematography -- is that how you spell that? Definitely worth it.

Tim mentioned that it was a big day for him, because not only was this project coming out, but on the same day the other disc he was working on -- "Goin' Home, a tribute to Fats Domino" -- was being released. We've ordered that disc too.

We felt like hot shot rock and roll type people, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. Funny enough, when I got home I checked my email. We had a note from Make-a-Wish, inviting us to go on a Yacht tonight. They would even provide transportation.

We had to turn THAT offer down. I can't take too much of this jet set lifestyle!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ok, how about this???

Will this work?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Uptown Wednesday Night

Frank and I took a walk up town tonight, and this is what we saw... except, of course, for the last picture, which is a rainbow I saw the other night.

I posted these in kind of reverse order... I took the photos on the way UP town, not on the way back home. You get the idea, though.
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Going up town

Under the underpass, heading up to Oak Tree Road.
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The corner by Flips, right before the underpass


I love the streaky lights.
But this is a really bad intersection. I hate to drive through here.

This is also by the Iselin Fair grounds, which are now mini-mansion lots.
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Does anyone recognize Flip's? It used to be a bar. I think before that it was a stage coach house. It was right by the railroad station, before the station moved.

Which leads to the next two questions: What was the name of the OTHER bar, besides the Pioneer, Flips, and Jack and Earls?
and number two: WHERE was Jack and Earl's, exactly? I say it was actually on the corner, diagonal from the old Iselin Theater. Frank says no, it was on the bend right before the light by St. Cecelia's.
Please reply.
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There's no place like home!


This was taken at home the other evening. It was really humid. I didn't notice the rainbow, but Frank did. I ran in and got the camera... this is not re-touched in any way! (I'll retouch a future one, I think, just to try to intensify it.)
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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Alphabet meme

OK, so PS Tagged everyone on her blogroll to do this meme. I decided to try it. I've never done a meme before.

I am required by the rules of the meme to tag someone else to do it -- so Sandi and Beth, if you are up to the challenge, consider yourself tagged!

The rules are:
Rule 1: Without changing the first word, after each letter of the alphabet, write a sentence that captures you/your essence.
Rule 2: Tag as many people as you want, but do tag at least one. This is an eye opening experience and can express to those who read it, things about you that they did not really understand before.
Rule 3: List who you are tagging.

*A* Accept everyone for who they are
*B* Break away and take some time for yourself
*C* Create because life is art
*D* Decide not to decide is deciding
*E* Explore the whole world through a book
*F* Forgive yourself for not being everything you should be
*G* Grow a garden of weeds if you like them!
*H* Hope is a feather
*I* Ignore the inner voice telling you what an idiot you are! :)
*J* Journey Time for a road trip!
*K* Know what you need.
*L* Love Loving others is easy -- in the abstract
*M* Manage to survive
*N* Notice the sky
*O* Open that bottle of wine and pour me a glass!
*P* Play let's pretend
*Q* Question reality
*R* Relax and recharge
*S* Share you can't have any if you don't have enough to share!
*T* Try a little harder.
*U* Use what you have to work with. What would McGyver do?
*V* Value yourself
*W* Work is a four letter word!
*X* X-ray vision is not a super power I would want!
*Y* Yield I hate to yield, I'd much rather merge.
*Z* Zoom was a great tv show when we were kids, remember?