Monday, March 31, 2008

Gram and Grandma

I was just reading about Pink Dogwood's grandmother -- her Amma -- on her blog, "Wandering Mind." I knew just what she was talking about, because I think about my own grandmothers so often. (You can take a look at Pink Dogwood's blog by clicking on the link.)

I posted the picture of Grandma D. the other day when I was talking about how much (everyone SAYS) I look like her. Then, just two days ago, I came across this picture of Gram R., and I was thinking about her too...

Plus, I've been working on this painting. It's a memorial painting, to Gram. It isn't done yet, and I've put it aside for a while to look at it and consider what I want to fix or change. It's sitting in the dining room, where everyone probably figures I've forgotten about it, but actually, I look at it all the time. I'm contemplating it. I'll post the completed picture when it's finished. I've got a few serious changes to make in it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Buzzing in my Brain

Do you ever get this buzzing in your brain, like you can't let go of stressful thoughts that keeping repeating over and over? About things that you did wrong? It's kinda like a song that you can't stop thinking of.

No, I'm not going psycho (at least I don't think I am) and I'm certain I don't have a brain tumor. It's EXACTLY like having a song stuck in your head. WEll, it's what's been happening to me lately.

I have this feeling that it's menopause related, because I have a feeling that I'm hitting a "certain age" and it seems similar to what I feel when I have PMS -- only like ten times worse. It's been creeping up on me gradually. Maybe, instead of a mommy blog, I should be hosting a menopause blog. You know, everything about "the change" from start to (hopefully) finish. Besides, there are already TONS of mommy blogs. I don't remember anyone else saying they have a menopause blog.

But, I digress. The real topic here is the buzzing in my brain. Whether it is caused by menopause, or by some kind of psychotic or neurotic tendencies, it doesn't matter. Because it keeps buzzing. Everything I do wrong in my life, repeated on an endless soundtrack in my head. (I know I've written about this before, haven't I?)

So, today, I tried to fix it, and it seems to be working. I started with reading my fortune cards. I hope that doesn't stress any of you out, but I have fun with it. My fortune cards are American Indian based, and they were a gift. Really, they just help you focus on what is going on in your life.

Then, based on what I came up with, I did some meditation exercises. I visualized myself being cleansed. And then, I cleaned my house. (Actually cleaned it, not just visualized it becoming clean. Really, I did. I know it doesn't look it, but I did!)

I listened to some music. And then, I went and volunteered for a while at the High School gift auction.

And so far, it seems like it's worked. I'll let you know.

For those of you who worry about my sanity for writing stuff like this -- just comment me a smiley face and I'll know. You don't have to book a rubber room for me yet. Although you might want to book a dinner reservation for me! That might help!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Break time.

Yeah, I know, I'm still procrastinating. But I'm home again, and it's break time. I got a lot done. None of the stuff on my list, but still...

Frankie got an EXCELLENT report from the Doctor. His Crohn's is in control, which is a great thing. He's gained 10 lbs and gotten an inch and a half taller since the last appointment!!!

And we brought the last of the toys from his Eagle project up to Morristown, to the Community Center that the hospital recommended. The hospital couldn't take everything that he'd had donated, but everything went to a good home.

We even hit the Shop Rite and got the groceries, which was a good to do with the boys, especially since they are responsible for going through so much soda. I'm tired of carrying it!

So I told the kids that they had a half hour of down time before I start making them work -- homework time. Spring break will be over before you know it, and I'm sure that they have something they need to do.

And I guess I do, too... so enough of the procrastinating!

Checking In

Hi all. How's it goin? Fine here.

Let's summarize. The spring break vacation is half over. And -- have I finished my to do list? No. Have I finished HALF of my to do list? No.

I hate that rushed feeling of running out of time.

Anyway, that's it for now. My current plan is to make french toast for the kids for breakfast, before we head for the doctors up in Morristown. Promises to be a long day of not getting the things done that I wanted to.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Emeril and Rachel Ray

Down in Barnegat last night, the recipes for chocolate delicacies kept the chefs busy in the kitchen... (I was purely an onlooker.)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring! Fabulous!

I'm so happy that SPRING has finally sprung. However, it doesn't really feel that springy outside. None of that mellow warmth you like in spring. Just a biting wind. Maybe not bitter cold anymore, but still... it seems that March wants to go OUT like a lion, not like a lamb. We have a few days still, though.

Anyway, you can talk about the weather, but you can't do anything about it.

Today is the first day of spring break. YAY! Frank went to work like always, and Frankie started his job in construction for the season -- although he and Nick also have Golf team practice this week coming up, so he won't be working all that much. I'm not sure how much his boss is going to appreciate that. Nick of course will be sleeping all day, so it's like I have the house to myself again. YAY!

And like all vacation weeks, the days are stretching out before me endlessly... I have SO many plans, I plan on getting SO MUCH done... and chances are, like always, it won't happen. TAXES, though. TAXES MUST GET DONE. And badges. And drawings for Mansi's book -- one of my aftercare kiddies wrote a great book, and I'm doing the illustrations. I have to get them done before the end of this week.

So what I have to do is stop blogging for now so that I can get going on the work that needs to get done. The computer is as bad as books or the TV for absorbing all of my time. Which is maybe why I love it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays, which is odd, considering I'm not Irish. For some reason, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's day. Also odd -- I can't think of other holidays specifically celebrating another nationality that everyone celebrates here as much as St. Patrick's day.

What is St. Patrick's Day all about, you ask? Basically, everyone wears green. You can be Irish today even if you aren't Irish. I have a lot of Irish friends, and I do love the music. I don't drink beer, but Tea is pretty Irish too. I've started liking Corned Beef and Cabbage -- so that's what I'm cooking tonight -- but the kids won't eat it.

So anyway, Here's wishin' ye the luck of the Irish!

More from the Saw Doctors...

... in honor of St. Patrick's Day...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Almost like Being There

Actually, this is a snip from the concert they did in Galway, but it is just like last night. Actually, the only difference -- even the size of the crowd seems about the same to me, but you know I'm numbers challenged -- the only difference is that in the middle, they didn't play "I wanna be Sedated." They played the Beastie Boys, "You gotta fight, for your right, to PARTY." It was really cool.

Here we are at the Concert

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Good Crowd

Plenty of people -- each spending at least $6.00/beer, not to mention the cost of the tickets in the first place...
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The Saw Doctors rock!


We had a great spot, standing on the landing of the stairs for the emergency exit. It was perfect because we were above the heads of everyone in front of us, and we had a rail to lean on. You couldn't get any better than that! They really were great, and everyone was in a rockin' mood. I love the fact that the Saw Doctors attract such a diverse crowd. There was old people AND teenagers down in the mosh pit in front of the stage (although I must admit, moshing was not allowed.) (And I did see one old man carried out in a stretcher, it looked like he broke a leg.) (Even without moshing.)
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Hard Rock Cafe, Manhattan

We finished the night at the Hard Rock Cafe, which was right next door. It was the perfect opportunity, especially since at that time of night it wasn't as extremely crowded. We looked for Pearl Jam (briefly) but didn't find anything; Frank is looking at some Who memorabilia.

No, well, actually, we finished the night by walking to the train station, then waiting in the midst of a smorgasbord of humanity -- including very entertaining drunk 20 somethings sacked out in the floor -- for a half hour for a train. When the train track was announced at 12:45, we ran for the track, and made it in time to get a seat. The train seemed to never reach a speed above 20 mph and it took forever to get home. I was gasping for breath the whole time, because in spite of the ban on cigarette smoking, there is no ban on really strong perfume, and the lady in front of me, well WHOA! I dozed off on the train for a few minutes and when Frank woke me because our stop was coming up -- he could see the Galaxy Diner out the window -- I may have snapped at him a bit. Why does the end of the night seem to take FOREVER? I couldn't wait to get to bed.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sawdoctors Concert Tonight!

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I imagine it's very lame of me to be posting all these pictures of myself. See the questions below....

Who Am I?

Here are the questions running through my brain today.

Who are you? Who do you look like? Who do you think you look like? Who do you think you THINK you look like?

And, am I too young to wear THIS outfit? (Photo to follow.)

And, if people tell you that you look like your grandmother, is that actually a good thing in some ways?

I'll post again tomorrow. I hope.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Escape into a BLOG

Beside the Stream is a blog I just found through a link from the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman blog. These two blogs are similar in some ways. I love them both.

I've been reading Pioneer Woman for quite a while now. She blogs about her life on a cattle ranch in Texas. It's a really great blog, quite an escape, because she has such an interesting life -- so unlike my life, or anyone I know about. Of course, she's also really popular. She will get 300 comments on almost every post. So if you add in the people like me, who read but don't comment -- wow, she's got some readers.

Beside the Stream, on the other hand, isn't that well known yet. It probably will be, though. It's another escape fantasy. The "stream" is a beautiful place in Colorado. The photos and the stories are lovely.

I wish I could write about my amazing life in this glorious area. Well, I guess I can. The suburbs are quite fascinating in their own little way. No one is going to read MY blog and start daydreaming about moving here for the good life, though!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Snow Drop

OK, like I said, it's a rerun. I took this one last year. It's a good one, though.

Actually, though, in spite of the following posts,

it really feels like Spring has Sprung.

Today was lovely and mild. I didn't even really need a coat in the afternoon. I hope the week lasts like this.

... ONE OR TWO SNOW DROPS AND CROCUSES... (maybe I'll post the photo I took last year. Would anyone mind if it was a rerun?)

The boys start Golf team at school on Friday. They both bought plaid shorts to wear. Very stylish. Nick tried his on this evening. Frankie put his shorts on after school today.

... MUD... the yard is a bit swampy. Not frozen.

...AN URGE TO GARDEN... for the first time in ages, I really took a look at the yard and the garden. It's pretty messy. I haven't been in the mood to garden in a while. This might be my year; maybe I'll plant new perennials... maybe I can start some peas...

...THE CHRISTMAS WREATH ON THE HOUSE IS STARTING TO LOOK TACKY... Ok, I know I should have taken it down. But I really liked it. Today, I didn't like it anymore. So I have to take it down now.

Nick at Bell Ayre Ski Mountain


Here's my baby alone on the mountain. (Well, his Dad was there, he took the picture.) But it's quite cold and solitary and severe and beautiful out there, isn't it? He really enjoyed skiing.
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Nick and his Dad

This is about the only picture I got of Frankie.


Just the back of Frankie as he skiis away with his friends...
He had a great time.
He was the one in blue.
He skiis really well now. As they say, he's BEAST.
Yes, that is what they say.
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