Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dead Computers Stink!

... But Kurt rules! He got us semi hooked up again, and we're working on fixing it. Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch!

Anyway...I can't talk now anyway. I'll write more soon...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bow Drill Fire (attempt)


This was the closest we ever got to a bow drill fire. My nephew Stevie is a focused kid, I've gotta tell you. He got as far as getting smoke, but no flame. We've got to figure out how to go from the spark to the flame.

This was camping trip (see the pictures below...)
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What I did on my Memorial Day Vacation

Frank and I, the boys, and my nephew went to Lums Pond State Park in Delaware. It was a really nice place. It was more spread out than the commercial campground we normally go to. The sites were nice, too.

There was a pond (obviously -- the name was Lums Pond, right?) and the boys were able to fish and play around as much as they wanted to. Yes, even my 16 year old likes to PLAY sometimes. Don't tell his friends! There was a fallen tree that was just the perfect fort, or castle, or whatever.

And of course we had a campfire.

We also went horseback riding, and the boys went kayaking -- not me, though! -- and there was a remote control air field that was really interesting. The weather was perfect, and I brought a little wading pool to keep cool in. It was a good set up, all in all, a quiet but enjoyable weekend.

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I'm working two jobs (Have I complained about that before on this blog?) and I barely have time/energy to make dinner, never mind to blog. Not to mention that whenever I want to sit down at the computer, there is a queue forming. We only have the one computer connected on line, and everyone always wants it. Frank is going to try to get the others set up too. I'm not sure when he'll have time. He's working more now too. I'll make up for it by posting a few entries, to give y'all somethin' to read...

(of course, this will be the last one, since they post in descending order from the most recent...)