Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Iselin Times: Eric LeGrand signed by Tampa Bay

Iselin Times: Eric LeGrand signed by Tampa Bay: From Jaffe Communications, which you can find HERE : TAMPA BAY - In a symbolic gesture, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced the signing ...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lunch Time

I'm at work, on lunch.  So I have a minute to post again.

I think the last I told y'all, I'd lost my job, right?  Well, lucky for me, I got called back to the School System again... so once again, I'm gainfully employed full time.  Makes me happy.  It's not the same school, but it's an even better job in some respects, because it is one of the few secretarial jobs with a teacher's schedule.  So what that means, is I have off this summer!  How exciting!  Of course, I'm paid less.  But I can live with that, because at least I'm getting paid again.  Less is better than nothing!

So this summer I have the benefit of a summer off without worrying about having a job.  An unusual and exciting situation.

Where previously, I made the (unemployed) summers all about art, I'm looking forward to making this summer all about words. 

I mentioned that I have two books in mind, right?  I want to write.  I've dabbled with writing before, with stories for Nanowrimo.  But November really isn't a good time to Nanowrimo.  On the other hand, the summer should be great! 

(And I'll probably mix some art in as well...)

Story one - my family history story.  I've done research on my family tree for years.  I have a lot of anecdotes collected.  And I have a pretty good imagination for filling in the details.  So I'm thinking of a semi-fictional family biography.  How 'bout that idea?  And... I'm actually probably going to include recipes in it as well.

This story is really for ME, more than for anyone else.  I know what I want to record, and how I want to record it.  I hope it's interesting enough for anyone to want to read - but I'm not sure that it will be, and I really don't care.

Story two - a fictional story.  I want to take a stab at writing an e-book, purely fictional entertainment, purely to see if I can write a book purely to entertain other people (and maybe to make a profit at the same time?  One can only hope!)  After all, Rowling was not an author when she started Harry Potter - and I'm pretty sure neither was the chick who wrote about Bella and Edward and Jacob, that vampire book - what was that called again?  I forget.

I've always wanted to paint.  I've painted - and I find that as much as I enjoy it, I'm really not that good at it yet. 

I also always thought that I could write a book.  But I also felt (as a child and as a young adult) that I would need to be old in order to have the perspective and experiences to make it interesting.  So I feel like I've hit a good age; I'm old enough, I think.  I might not get any more interesting than I am at this exact moment. 

So it's time to try. 

And, now, lunch is over.  So, it's back to work...