Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Sunset

Well, just happened to be home from work, and wanted to update my OTHER blog, about my art, and accidentally signed in to this one.  So I decided to update this one as well.

It's a lovely soft summer.  The days have been easy and everything is going along simply.  One bird has flown from the nest, and the other is hovering above the nest, hopping in and out but mostly flying on his own.

I've learned some things about myself.  That I really like to be alone.  I believe this is a strength, not a weakness.    And I really don't count Thor in the alone/not alone equation, because we are as one :)

But I do like a bit of social interaction occasionally - but if it is on a very limited, shallow level, I'm fine.  Work is social enough for me.  Work's been really good, and I'm finally adjusting to the idea of it.

On the other hand - it's not too far off until Thor and I head off into the sunset ourselves.  But surprisingly to myself, I think when we retire, I'm still going to try to find a low-key job of some kind.  Something temporary, that I can up and quit if we leave on an extended vacation.

Mostly, I want to sit in the woods or on the porch, and read, or paint, and listen to the birds or the music.  And watch as the sun sets.