Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sue and Frank's Art Gallery | Paintings & Prints | ArtPal

I've got a new thing going... so I figured I'd put it up here...

One of my new years goals/resolutions/whatever was to put up some paintings on a web site to sell.  I am going with the quote that "you miss 100% of the chances you don't take" with this... and even though I am not overly confident yet, I wanted to take a chance. 

Hey, what makes someone an artist?  It's all about creating the art.  So yes, I'm an artist, because I'm creating all of this art. What makes it "ART"?  I think that's totally in the eye of the beholder, right?   But now I have all of these paintings and nowhere to hang them.  And the next step in the whole ARTIST process would be to sell some of these pieces.  I have already sold some art, but mostly I haven't been doing much to promote it.  So this is my attempt to promote.

If you want to see my paintings, go to this link:

Sue and Frank's Art Gallery | Paintings & Prints | ArtPal

I hope you see something you like!  They are creating prints based on the paintings that I have done.  You can order pretty inexpensive prints, or you can go totally crazy with expensive printed canvases that are framed and everything... I haven't even ordered anything myself yet, so I still need to see what kind of quality it is.  But I hope it works out - it is really exciting, even if nothing happens with it!