Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pinterest Crazy

I really am crazy about the Pinterest web site because I come up with so many great ideas for things I want to do - things I've never even thought of before - and not just ideas, but also directions!

Like - directions for crocheting things - I made this heart, I used it to decorate the cabin's Christmas tree which I'm leaving up all year, since it's just easier.   I like crocheting in front of the fire...


The guys spent a while one warm Saturday recently, making a good spot by the spring for a picnic area.  No specific pinterest plans for the area yet, but you know it's gonna be a great space!

Here's another picnic area, right in front.  Can't wait for the summer and this to be all green.  I wonder how much my husband is going to like cutting the lawn around the picnic table...  a rock patio would be nice, wouldn't it?

A MOST EXCITING Pinterest plan below -- that's the mason jar chandelier my darling husband made for me.  I haven't even seen it yet, in person.  But I found the idea on Pinterest, and now I've pinned this one on my board.


 Finally, my Pinterest Pancakes. They look like cinnamon rolls, right? But no, they are pancakes, and they are AMAZING. We all enjoyed them, right Nick?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I wanna be in the woods right now.

It's a beautiful day here in town, but I'd rather be back in the woods in the rain or the snow or the blowing wind. My life feels divided into real life and another block of time that's false - and the real life is back in the woods. I'm tired of being here, tired of people, tired of not being able to be who I really am. In the woods, I'm me - I'm NOT my age or my face or my figure or my reputation. In the woods, I don't have to listen to people talking about other people, and what they did or didn't do. I don't hear the politics, and the arguments on each side. I don't have to make polite conversation with someone when I don't care what they have to say and they don't care what I have to say. I'm ready to go back to reality. But it's only Wednesday.