Friday, October 29, 2010

Weather related

I've noticed so often how my mood is soooo weather-related. If the sun is shining, all is right with the world. When the clouds scud across the sky, my mind gets cloudy and blah as well. WHY???? This drives me CRAZY!!! And you'd think that by recognizing it, I'd be able to fight it. Well, I can fight it, but I don't always win the fight.

Break from school begins... NOW... Yay! I'm liking the classes I'm teaching better than I did in the beginning, but it's still hard. Teaching is HARD. It seems so easy when you are on the outside looking in. But it's not, not if you really want people to learn. Everyone who reads this (unless you are a teacher) is probably thinking, "yeah, well how hard can it be, you have a week off now!" And sure, I have a week off. But I can tell you that I've got class work to do for at least two or maybe three of my days off, between grading and organizing and getting lesson plans together.

I'm going to try to get back in the groove for blogging. I don't know why it's become less of a habit than it had been. But yeah, I've got big plans for this week, and blogging is one of those plans! And my first step is to clear out all of these papers surrounding my computer. So let me get on to the task at hand... as soon as I have my tea...


Punam said...

Heyy Sue, how are you? I agree.. my problem is just reverse.. when it's cloudy I am happy but when there's sunshine, I am like, in a dull mood.. I am more of a cloudy rainy person. :) TC and be back to blogging soon. Luv, Punam

Carla M.T. said...

I think we relate ourselves to Nature depending our mood. Right now, no "natural disaster" could define how tired I feel. Really exhausted! I am a 40 year-old university "student", mother of two teenagers, volunteer worker,... and reading in few blogs is my best private escape beside my daily walk and haiku.
Some meditations I do beside ironing and cooking are watching tree leaves or driving slowly listening to yoga music.
May you find strength Sue :-)

Shail said...

I agree..seasons do have effect on mood..but i've learnt to keep myself up in all seasons..

Hope to read more of u.


Sue said...
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Sue said...

Hi Punam! I'm back to blogging, I think, thanks! :)

Carla - I can imagine how exhausted you must be! I hope you find a few minutes to yourself today... and if I were you, I'd have a cup of tea!

Shail - I try to keep myself up, but sometimes I get down and can't figure out why... and then realize the answer when I go out the door of my house and it's cloudy!