Friday, November 05, 2010


It's a beautiful, peaceful morning around here today. The leaves are falling off the trees quite rapidly now. I don't have work because we are still on holiday, so I have all the time in the world to sit and think and dream and read and drink tea. I have plenty that needs to get done, but I'm enjoying my peaceful time so much this morning that I'm going to have just one more cup of tea before I start running around. It seems I never get time to myself for this kind of thing, and I've gotta enjoy it while I can!

I've been trying to think deep thoughts, but something in my mind keeps switching them off. I've been trying to think about my goals; or about human nature, and how I can evolve into a better person; stuff like that. And yet I can't really get firmly into the meditation. I have an inner child chattering too much inside, and interrupting me. That aggravating voice that starts bringing up regrets and disappointments and embarrassments, and I want to drown it out, so I fill my head with other noise. Even when I was driving yesterday, and even when I was doing the dishes, both prime meditation times for me... I still couldn't find that profound place in my head. I think I'm going to have to take some time to schedule myself into a long peaceful silent thought time. Maybe when my husband watches football, I can walk to the park and sit by myself for a while. Maybe I can watch the trees lose their leaves, and whenever a stray thought pops into my head, any thought, I can just say "shush!" until all there is, is the silence and leaves falling.


Punam said...

All the best, Sue n Happy Diwali!!

Carla M.T. said...

Beautifully written and expressed; a mirror to us all.

My own cure also is a daily afternoon walk among the trees, watching the sunset and waiting for a haiku to pop out, meditation music in my car and Love.

Peace to all.

Netizen101 said...

Just relax and enjoy the peace and your tea. Let the thoughts come. Examine them and see if anything needs to be done about it, and then let them go. Don't get worked up about them. The mind will settle down after a while. And peace will come. :-)

Shail said...

I agree, let the thoughts come...just relax...don't try to drive them away..

Wish u more of peaceful time..

Sue said...

Thank you all! I've got a lot to learn about meditating :) But I'm trying!