Friday, August 02, 2013

More Cabin, of course.

Home sweet home, from a different angle.  Showing one more of the many things the Husband got completed over the last few weeks.

Stairs leading up to the deck.  The whole deck is completed.  New front roof and skylights.  Siding on the shed - you can see that below. Frank and Steven even sided one wall of the kitchen because the girl in the insurance company thought it COULD be an issue.  Everything is now completed - and then some - so that we have insurance!!!!! Yay!

Well, I thought we had insurance last time, too, and they managed to find things wrong with the place, and gave us a list of things to fix.  But now, I think, it's time to take it easy, relax and enjoy it.

Siding on the shed and the Hops garden
Although I don't know how relaxing will ever be possible for Frank, because every time we look around we find a hundred other things that would be nice to be done, and because there is ALWAYS the looming need for firewood.  Oh yeah - and the shower.  We still need a shower. But at least, he's willing to ask for some help with the shower.

Knocked over "steps" - they were piled up stones - and resided this wall
What do I do around the cabin?  Nothing, really.  I entertain the women that come to visit, so we go shopping and lunch and even the spa.  I try to cook whenever a meal comes up, although I love to go out to eat whenever possible.  I try to remember to pack food for all the meals that we need.  I try to keep track of the water situation - and make sure that we have enough bottled water, since we don't have the water tested yet.  I try to be sure we have enough clean bedding and whatever other supplies we need for ourselves and anyone else sleeping over.  Then, when the weekend is over, I try to clean the house really well for the next time around.  Sometimes I clean well, sometimes I don't.  At the very least I try to sweep the whole cabin and dust up spider webs and things.  This weekend I managed to paint a lot of dirty walls - I used up a whole gallon of paint.  Plenty of more areas that need painting, though.  Oh yeah, and did I mention I shop?

Do I sound like I'm trying to justify myself?  Yeah, feels that way.  I can't do any of the heavy lifting and serious construction that Frank can do.  It is a very uncomfortable balance of work and responsibility.  I have lots of ideas - for things I can't do.  It's exhausting Frank, and it's making me cranky.
Meet Charley (not her real name)

I am trying to work some aggravation out in my head, and I'm having trouble figuring it all out.  But I don't want to just gripe on here.  Ok, so what else can I say, aside from complaining? 

Well, we're getting friendlier with the neighbors - we had a chance to meet the owner of the next hundred acres over, our neighbor to the North.  She is a sweet girl and I hope we'll be friends, even though she is way younger than we are.  We've made friends with the chickens.  Charley actually loves snacks.  And the ducks don't usually run when we head down to the lake... they quack at us like they have something to say. I'm starting to feel like we are living at a petting zoo.  We really need a few fainting baby goats. :)

Rest and recreation!

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