Thursday, April 03, 2014


Starting now.  I'm in bed already.  I've been looking backwards a lot through old posts and old photos and old thoughts. 

Right now, it's pretty warm.  I can hear the tv on downstairs and the sound of the rain in the gutters, not exactly a heavy rain, but it's there.  I can hear a vague murmur of conversation. 

Right now, I see my messy room in the dim glow of the lamp that was my grandmothers, when I was little it was in her bedroom, and now it is in my bedroom.  Even with one missing piece of glass and one cracked piece of glass in the shade, it is one of my most prized possessions. 

Right now, only the tip of my fingers on my right hand are numb, and really, nothing much hurts. So that's a good night, because it isn't always like that right now.

I've looked back a way, and found that a lot more time has actually passed than I feel like has passed. 

Time passed, and was never seen again.

It's time to restart Now.

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