Saturday, February 23, 2013

Before and After, so far...

When we bought the cabin in the woods, we started out with a pretty long list of things that had to get done to get the place in shape.
 Lots of the things have been marked off the list. We are about to start on a new list... if it ever warms up around here... well, here is our progress so far!

 I hope that posting this video doesn't seem like I'm showing off.

 It might actually BE showing off, but that is not my intention. I honestly just love this place. I sit on the new (used) couch and just stare at the place all evening long... I love to go through my photos over and over... I'm crazy, but I'm still so excited. I wish I could be there all the time.  Since I can't, I made this slide show so I can watch it when I'm home and imagine I'm there.

 I expect that the only one who will be watching this video will be me :)

and that's perfectly ok!

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