Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

Isn't that a great statement?

Someone left it anonymously on my blog comments from my last post.

I wanted to post it, because I love the thought. Lately, though, I've been getting a surprising amount of spam comments, linking to other places, places that I am not sure are safe to visit or link to. I've been deleting these comments.

I don't know if this statement was some kind of spam, or truly a comment. So I deleted it, but I wanted to acknowledge the thought, in case someone really wrote it.
It's a thought worth exploring.

Truth, the seas are calm around here lately, and I'm very glad for that! And yes, I guess I shouldn't be prideful about it, it's no great accomplishment. On the other hand, I'm not going to go looking for rough water and storms to test myself! I've had a storm to weather in the past, and I didn't hold the helm, I just clung to the boat long enough to not get washed overboard. The winds and tides took hold, and I went with the flow. And when the storm was over, I figured out where I was, bailed out the boat, and took hold of the helm again. And found myself in a better place than I expected to be, thanks to the winds of fate.

I don't know how to sail. So perhaps my metaphor is unsuitable. Perhaps I would HAVE to hold the helm in the storm, and I should have lashed myself to the wheel. Perhaps, if the helm is not held, the boat will be inevitably swamped and dashed upon the rocks or submerged. But that was not what happened in my own storm. And how should I know? I love boats, but I get seasick at the slightest swell. I know nothing about boats that I haven't read.

Well, with my seasickness, can I really hold the helm when the sea is calm? Nope. No matter how calm the sea, I will be heaving at the rail, unless I'm taking medicine that knocks me out. In which case I will be sleeping at the helm.

Now, storms may come every season, but perhaps I have sailed into a different climate, where the storms aren't as severe? And I am keeping a watch posted on the weather, and if I see a storm, I hope to sail away from it, even if it puts me off course a bit.

If you wrote this comment to me, please comment again and let me know who you are! :)


jozien said...

Hi Sue, i was wondering what <3 means :) and what language? I like your post very much!
You should be proud of yourself being in calm seas! And about the last post, if you want to get out of the 'rut', i have lots of suggestions, some might create stormy seas:) On a serious note, i allow myself to have a time to just vegetate, more hours per week than you can imagine. I always wonder if others need that as i do.

jozien said...


Sue said...

:) <3

Anonymous said...

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