Saturday, February 13, 2010

Punk and Rock Junket

Thor and I went on an adventure today, to celebrate our 22nd Anniversary and Valentines Day.

I heard this guy on the radio, about a month ago, talking about his Rock and Punk tour. It sounded like fun, so we booked it.

We took the train into New York City this morning and grabbed a cab to the corner where we were told to meet. Bobby Pinn was a fabulous guide, he was full of information about who did what where when and with who else... he walked us all over the East Village, and showed us a bunch of the New York City Rock landmarks - the location where the Fillmore East was, where the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers and so many others played... Places where the Ramones and the New York Dolls hung out... and he had a ton of stories about musicians and events and concerts. And, he had props... like when he walked us up to an apartment building that was on a Led Zeppelin album cover, he had the actual album cover to pull out of his bag of tricks!

The tour ended up in front of the store that used to be CBGB's... we parted there, and Thor and I shopped for a little while. I would definitely recommend the tour to anyone interested in Rock and Roll NYC!

We finished up the day working our way back up to the train station, stopping first for lunch at a nice trattoria, then stopping for a few ales at McSorley's - a place where Abraham Lincoln and years later John Lennon hoisted a few -- and it hasn't been cleaned much since then... talk about atmosphere!

and finally, we stopped at one last bar for a few more drinks before hitting the train home.

It was a lovely and romantic day.

Hope you have a happy Valentines Day too!


Seraphine said...

wow sue, you do the funnest things!
i would never have thought to go on a guided rock tour. i'm sure it brought history 'alive' which is a great way to celebrate an anniversary. it'll be something you'll always remember too.
best wishes. and a little belatedly, happy valentines!

jozien said...

I don't no why i didn't come to your blog sooner this week. It must have been the word punk showing in my side bar :). But like so often you give me the feeling; i wish i wash there. You know Sue i will be in Chicago for 8hours soon, which to me is very close and as exciting as New York.(can i say that? or do i offend people, or just sound dumb?)

Sue said...

Thanks Sera :)
Jozien, Chicago is a wonderful place! Have fun!