Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Very Important Words of Wisdom

HA! I don't have any. :D

No, really, I just don't have any really good advice. Or anything interesting to say that hasn't already been said. Of course, that doesn't stop me from saying and writing all of the stupid stuff I say and write.

When you hear from someone about something so very tragic, you want to say something that makes it better, but there really isn't anything to say. There is definitely a very worthwhile thought that by listening, you make things better. It's the talking that helps, and nothing I can respond will make it any better. But I don't want to just sit and listen, do I?

Same with a more "fun" conversation. For example: I went to a party this weekend, and I had a lovely time (although I'm pretty certain we over stayed our welcome! OOOps! Sorry about that!) But anyway, the whole small talk chitchat kinda thing was difficult.

I didn't have trouble talking. Oh, no, not me.

I just had trouble saying anything worth listening to.

I feel a little bad for the people at the party, who had to listen to my old tired stories over and over again. Maybe it's been a million times. They've surely heard it all before, but did that stop me? Oh, no, I carry on regardless.

(I apologize to all of you out there, who know me and have listened to me blather on, about repeating myself over and over. And, not only that, I'm sorry for repeating myself.)

I did try to listen attentively and enjoy their stories as well. I tried not to monopolize the conversation. Of course, how well did I do, I have no idea. The bore never knows that they are the bore. I didn't realize I was overstaying our time until we were saying our goodbyes. It really wasn't that late, only about 11.

It seems like I always leave gatherings of people with the feeling of embarrassment, that I was an ass. I thought for a long time it was booze. If I have too much wine or whatever, I feel like I act ridiculous. (Plus, I get sick.) So I've cut back dramatically on any alcohol... and sure enough, it didn't matter. I still felt like an ass. I feel very foolish and stupid, not suave, stylish, and intelligent...I feel like an ass.

I hope it's hormonal. I think it might be.

No... wait... I've got it. I think it might be that I AM an ass. I'm NOT suave, stylish and intelligent. I'm foolish and stupid, and to make it worse, I'm getting old. So ... I'm an OLD ass.

OK, Hopefully that helps. Hopefully I can embrace my inner ass-ishness, and go out and have fun anyway. That's the plan.

And if I'm monopolizing the conversation or overstaying my welcome, just SAY so. I won't mind.

Heee haw. :D


Yuriko said...

I'm sure you just have a lot of things to share. :) I tend to carry on and on as well, especially at work, where I tend to be bored because I'm off on my own little corner most of the time. I like being social. But then again, I don't like to be too social. LOL!

jozien said...

Sue, i love you sooo much. I know that feeling so well. You and i we would be perfect together, we could both be asses and laugh our heads off :D

Sue said...

Yuriko - I do have a lot to share - But I do share the same things over and over... I like to be social, when it works, but sometimes it just doesn't work! :)

Jozien - I love you too, and yes, it would be a lot of fun! :D