Friday, March 12, 2010

Where are we going?

I always want to know what is going to happen next. Even though the tracks are straight, I can't see to the end. Perspective gives me a vanishing point, and I can't see what's ahead. I am trying to focus on the "now." The section of tracks I am standing on. "Is that the light at the end of the tunnel, or the light of an inbound train?"

I took this over the weekend. We've been going to the same hotel every year for years and years, for the end of winter ski trip. I had noticed the tracks on the side of the parking lot a while ago, but never explored. This year, I ventured out for a while. Not as far as the guys - I never made it to the trestle bridge at the end, over the river.

I explored at first on my own. I went as far as I felt comfortable, down to where I could see the highway overpass. Not far at all.

The next day, I followed the guys. They went all the way under the highway, and we got to the point where there were signs saying "No Trespassing." It was the trestle bridge, and it didn't look too safe. I got scared and turned back, although I gave Thor the camera. Mostly because I always obey every official sign I read. I am not an explorer.
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jozien said...

Sue, we have so much in common, but not that :)
Anyway today i had one of those 'lacking energy' days.... i am better and better to be totally fine with that :)

Sue said...

Jozien, you made me laugh! I know that you and I are nothing alike, in this way!!!! Sometimes you scare me when I read about your hikes! But I wish I was more like you.