Sunday, April 25, 2010

Camping Weekend!


Just got home from a great weekend camping. I've gotta get my husband to start joining me on these trips! It was Venturing, which is the co-ed Boy Scouts program for older kids that Nick is in. The kids are getting so old I barely need to do a thing! And that includes cook - this weekend included a dining hall, so we had all of our meals served to us. Sure, it wasn't the greatest food ever, but as long as someone is bringing it to me, what do I care?

Saturday was beautiful but today was raining. But - again, very simple trip - it was a cabin. So I don't have a wet tent to worry about. I just wandered around all day Saturday, taking photos of things, watching the kids, and going to seminars.

I sat in on part of a GPS seminar, and I learned about planning "super-activities" -- like maybe international trips. The kids like to do something BIG. One girl is hoping to plan a trip to Germany for our crew. I like the idea, but I don't know how to fundraise for something like that. But really, it's up to the kids to plan whatever they want, and that includes planning how to pay for it, too.

OH well, on to the laundry!
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pink dogwood said...

love the picture of dogwoods

Sue said...

:D Thanks, I did too!