Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Sun is calling my name!

We went to the Beach this weekend, and even though it was chilly, it was a beautiful day!

It's hard to be motivated in work now, knowing that my job is meaningless. I thought that this was the job that I was going to be in for the next 23 years... really, that's what I hoped! Now that I'm being cut, I'm glad to collect a paycheck for the next weeks. I have until June 30. But the Sun is calling for me to come outside and play... my blogs are calling me... my camera is whispering in my ear...
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jozien said...

Hi Sue, sunshiny girl, what a beautiful photo!
I'm sure you will enjoy your job till the end. And maybe it helps to know, that my financial situation is based on trust :)

Sue said...

Hey Jozien :) I'm glad you are back from your trip! Your photos are beautiful!!!
I know you probably didn't mean it this way, but maybe our entire financial system is based on trust too.
I do trust that we can find a way to make it work out one way or another.

Maybe I need to read my fortune and see if I am doing the right things :D

jozien said...

Yes i suppose.
with or without income:)