Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Husband's Day!

Well... I just made that up, really. But I wanted to tell my husband how much I appreciate him, because I know he's having a bad week. Month. Maybe year? But really, dear, it's going to get better. (I'm playing the lottery. I've gotta win eventually, right?)

This is my husband. He's cute, isn't he? He's a very nice and nice looking guy. Everyone who meets him likes him. He's good-natured and pleasant, and he's very intelligent. He's strong, organized and a hard, fast worker. He knows how to get things done, and get them done in the shortest amount of time possible. Frank and I are opposites.

We've been married for a very long time. VERY long. He was my childhood sweet-heart, if you think about it. He's the second guy I dated, seriously. Seriously.
Frank is better known around here as Thor. I don't know how that got started, exactly. I have a few ideas, but nothing I'm certain about. But really, it's Frank. I hope he doesn't mind that I've outted his identity.

Frank has been working VERY HARD lately. He's done some SERIOUS work around the house, and that's not even mentioning the work he has to do at work. And work's been no fun for him lately, and he's been working there for a really long time. And he really doesn't complain (much.) All he really wants is a nice neat house, dinner on the table, a beer and his favorite tv show.

But, instead, he has me.

I don't clean very much, and I cook sporadically -- and what I cook is usually NOT the kind of food the serve on cooking shows. And I don't like the same kind of TV shows he likes; for example, I'll be watching Glee tonight. He won't.

Plus, I get cranky pretty frequently, from real or imagined aggravation - it's all the same. I guess I'm not very pleasant to be around, usually. And he puts up with that too.

So I thought about it, and decided it would be a good idea to say,

Thank you honey. I love you and I appreciate everything you are doing.
And I appreciate all of the times that you've bit your tongue when you stopped yourself from saying something that I would get pissy about.
And I'm sorry I've been pissy the last few days, I should know it's stress, not you.
And I appreciate the fact that you don't like going to work anymore, but you are stuck working because I'm being laid off, and besides, I wasn't making enough money to live on anyway.

And I hope you don't have to work TOO late tonight. I plan on making dinner. (Probably leftovers. But still, it's dinner.)
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Beth said...

I guess I should wish Thor a belated Happy Husband's Day too...technically he did marry all four of us (for those of you who don't know, its a long story.)
Well. Happy Husband's day Thor...don't tell my actual husband....I do love you...but more like a brother...((((hugs))))

Laurie said...

awww how sweet! I agree, Frank is awesome, and so are you :o)

jozien said...

Wow! what a guy!

Anonymous said...

2 things.

Cute? Really? :P

Happy Husband Day DAD!


Sue said...

Yes, really :p