Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday Morning

I love Sunday Mornings the best, when I have the house to myself because everyone is sleeping, and I can have my tea and sit and play computer and write as long as I want.

I'm planning on working all week this week. I've started taking sick days and I haven't used all of them but I think next week is going to be a busy week because there are going to be a lot of people in the school for a conference. I plan on taking a lot of sick days in the next few weeks, leading up to June 30th, which is my last day.

On Friday, I got my letter officially saying that I won't have a contract next year. I'm quick to say to everyone that it's fine, it's not a problem, I'm not freaking out. I'm almost happy, looking forward to the summer at home and not waking up at 6 AM anymore. And my husband is still working and Frankie has a job, which is confirmed, and even Nick might have a job - maybe even two jobs, if I'm lucky, hopefully a summer job and then a part time job for during the year.

And I'll like sitting home during the day and writing and playing computer as much as I like by myself.

But even though there are all these positives, I'm still sad that I'm losing my job. I liked that job. Most of the time. As far as jobs go, it was a good one.

I keep trying to say to myself that whatever is meant to be will be, and that maybe something better is meant to happen, and that everything always works out for the best. And I think I believe this about 75%, because so far, it's been true. OK, maybe I believe it about 85%.

But of course there is always that doubt that creeps in. What if it ISN'T true this time?

Oh well, I'm still working it out. I won't know until something happens.
Life continues to be interesting, doesn't it?

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