Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer of Art and Flowers

I'm so tired of being at the mercy of my own mood swings. Yesterday was rainy and cold, and I was sleepy all day. Today is nice and sunny, and I'm full of plans and energy and good humor. This picture wasn't taken yesterday OR today, by the way.

So today, with my energy and good mood, I've got a plan for the summer. I want to consider this the SUMMER OF ART AND FLOWERS... and tea and wine and music and painting and books...

But I'm going to do something different than I usually do when I'm unencumbered by a job. I'm going to have a schedule, and be creative within my schedule. Because I've found from working that I am more energetic with a routine and a schedule that is forced on my from my job, but I sit around and wish I had more time for myself. And I have no deadlines so I can't decide what to do, and so I dither around quite a bit more. And I feel down, because no matter what I do, I'm not sure it's what I SHOULD do. But not this summer.

I'm going to have regularly scheduled tea, and I'm going to have a timetable set up for when I must clean, and when I must NOT clean. I'm going to make my summer of ART AND FLOWERS be all organized, and see if I enjoy it more.

I'm looking forward to it right now, that's for sure!!!


jozien said...

Right on! Did you do some art already? Sue, today:) i got all the answers again.
One is, that doing art, makes me both insecure and proud. Now doesn't that sound like i am very balanced :)

Sue said...

Hi Jozien! I did some sketches, but I am going out now to find something BIG to paint on... I like to paint big! :D

Yes, you are very balanced! More than you even know, I bet! You should be more proud than insecure. Your art inspires me, that's part of the reason I'm doing this!!!