Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hi peeps!

I was brought back to this blog today by a comment on the Woodpecker poem I'd posted ages ago.  Made me miss the old blog. 

The good thing about this blog was always that I could really express myself.  The bad thing was that I couldn't come out and really say EVERYTHING I wanted to, because it isn't really anonymous.  Family and friends used to read it.  I wonder if they read it now?   Because I'm in a really cranky mood, and I'd love to vent!!!

But I won't.  Wouldn't be ... prudent.

Anyway, maybe I'll find my way back here tonight, when I have more time to post.  But for now, it's time to make dinner for me and my husband and my empty nest.  :(

The woodpeckers have flown from the telephone pole. 


Netizen101 said...

Hi Sue,
Good to hear from you again.
Take it easy! :-)

jozien said...

I hope you get back, but i will check your new blog if i can find it.

jozien said...

i can't find your new blog

Sue said...

Thank you Vincent and Jozien! I'm back on here, I think. I hope you will be interested in what I have to post. I'm looking forward to catching up with you both.