Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My new place in time and space

I can understand why no one else is as excited as I am about the new cabin.  It would be hard for anyone to care as much about this place as I already do.  So many things I love.

It's a new place to start decorating.  It's a new place to fill with some of my things - things that I've collected over the years, but have no good place for here in my regular home.   It's a new place to fix up - I love renovating and building and planning and construction. 

It's a new place full of artsy details, which you might look at and say OH DEAR - That building is collapsing!  But I look at and say, WOW,  look how cool that frame looks,
 with that plant growing inside... and yeah, we're gonna have to get rid of that collapsing section, but I think I'm going to save that door for SOMETHING - and that's exactly where I want to put the outdoor shower!  (It's on the list - but who knows how long it's going to take to get through the list!)

I love to look at the building and wonder - who worked on this section?  Why did they put it here?  Why did someone allow it to fall apart? 

And it looks SO NICE when something that's falling apart is cleaned up and put back together - a real sense of accomplishment!

And I love walking down to the pond, and learning that the green slimey looking stuff is actually plants, and not just slime, and that there are golden salamanders of some kind floating in there - living their little salamander life!

 And I love finding the flowers of the end of the summer, and wondering exactly which kind of flowers they are, and what they could be used for - are they chamomile?  Are they daisy?  I don't know!  And it takes some good reference books for me to figure it out, and some peaceful time with my nose buried in a book in the woods!

And I love walking through my own woods, and not even knowing them yet, and finding strange THINGS just sitting there - in the back in the woods - and wondering WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?  And why is it there?  And who put it there?

Like this thing.  What is it?  It's pretty sturdy!  I could swear I've walked through this part of the woods before, and I hadn't seen this metal thing!  Why is it there?  What is it used for?  I don't understand it at all!

So many cool things to discover and wonder about!

And the trees - the shear NUMBER of trees!  I love trees!  And now I have uncountable numbers of trees!  And they are all my own trees!

Of course, when I say that, I feel bad.  Because the trees aren't really mine, they are the world's.  How can anyone really own the world?  Or a tree?  The tree owns itself, doesn't it?  But - I'm the tree's protector, now, aren't I?  I feel like they are my own.  I want to get to know each tree.  I have an unimaginable wealth of trees and plants and rocks.  And strange scrap metal things.  And animals.
 The animals - I don't see as many wild animals, because I seem to share the neighborhood's farm animals.  And I love that too!  I have dogs now!  Well, at least this one - Mugsy tolerates us quite well, as long as we let him continue on his never ending search for frogs and snakes and mice and things.  The other dogs aren't sure about us yet.  I keep forgetting dog biscuits.  And a cat!  We call the cat Asthma, because we don't know it's real name, and it wheezes quite a bit.  Asthma has stopped by for two of our campfires now.  And we have chickens hanging out under our deck occasionally!  How exciting is that?  Well, really exciting, for me!  I just like looking at them as they peck at the bugs and wonder around, and I love to hear them clucking.  And of course we have the salamanders, and who knows what other aquatic animals, and frogs and toads, and I've seen deer prints - but no deer yet - and I've seen wild turkeys wandering down the road.

And, last but not least, we now have a new sliding glass door - it was the number two item on our list of things to accomplish.  And the number three item was the electric.  We've got that ALMOST checked off - we had an electric inspection, and soon, they'll hook us up to the grid.  And maybe, if we're lucky, we can get the well going, and the wood stove, and we will have accomplished our goals for the summer and early fall, and then we can move into phase two - fall and winter.

I really feel like I belong here, and I can't wait to get back. 


Punam said...

Reading you after so long, Sue.. How have u been?
I am now blogging at
and that's why you have been missing from my blog too. :)

Netizen101 said...

Hi Sue,

I look forward to your updates on the house. Seems like there's plenty to be done.
I feel your enthusiasm, and excitement. Really, I feel very excited for you too. Plenty to keep you occupied for a while. :-)


Art said...

The metal thing is a bullet trap. You hang a target on the front. For .22 caliber. Nothing larger.

Sue said...

Hi Punam! I've checked in on you at your new blog :) and hope all is well with you!

Vincent, I am definitely full of enthusiasm, and I can't wait to get back to it! Thank you!

Art - THANK YOU so much for solving that mystery! We want to be able to shoot up there, but I know so little about guns. I have so much to learn! Like - how far back do stand when you use it for target practice? And actually, a .22 is exactly what I want, some day, when I've learned enough to not be a danger to myself or others!

Anonymous said...

HEy... why didnt' you tell me you were blogging about the house on here... I had to find out from my mother! LOL House looks good... I am off this weekend... you coming up??? Sandi

Sue said...

Sandi... sorry!
Keep checking!