Sunday, September 09, 2012

My new life :)

Hi all!!!  I've missed writing on here... and it was so nice to have people comment my last post, as brief (and cranky) as I was.

This is what has been going on with me:

I lost my job.

I started a new blog - about our town; kinda like a news blog.  I was trying to maybe write as a career, maybe make money with my blog.  Plus, I love my home town, and a lot of people talk bad about it, so I wanted to give it some good PR.  But after a few years of doing that, it's really boring me.  Plus, I'm not making any money anyway.

I got another job - I like it.  It's similar to the one I used to have.

My kids grew up.  They haven't completely left, but pretty close to it.  Sometimes I have a hard time adjusting to that.  Sometimes I have an even HARDER time adjusting to it.  I always defined myself as a mother first and foremost, and now I can't define myself that way.  I need to find a new definition.

And, most importantly of all - I bought a new home!!!  And I'm SOOO excited about it!!!  This is it.  It's 26.75 acres out in the country - and I LOVE being there.  It was a foreclosure, sold as-is, with lots of things wrong with it - but lots of things right with it as well.  My husband and I are in the process of re-building, updating, fixing, etc etc etc... and I'm totally in love with it.

We've been looking at property for a lot of years, and thinking about what we want. We came to the conclusion that we wanted at least 5 acres, but preferably more, and we wanted a bit of a mountain, near the Appalachian Trail, and we wanted a bit of some kind of water - pond, stream, lake or something; and we didn't really care if we had a house or not, because we planned on camping there anyway. And we found every single thing that we wanted, plus more.  It is honestly a dream come true.

I've hesitated saying too much about it to too many people.  I haven't really put it out on Facebook.  I don't know how many people will be happy for us, and how many people will be jealous.  But, I am so excited, and I have so many things I want to share - so I'm going to blog it here.  I hope you find it as interesting as I do.  If you don't, well, I haven't been blogging much before this anyway, so you won't have to read it if you don't want to.  If you are interested, I hope you will comment.  I'd really like to know who is reading, and what you have to say. 

I'm looking forward to getting back to writing here again, especially now.  I am looking forward to spending hours in the woods, to taking some amazing photos (I hope!) and to really having space to think.  I'm ready for my new life, and I'm really happy.


Niall young said...

It looks wonderful! Are you thinking of living there full time of using it as a 'get away'?...perhaps rent it out to holiday makers?

Sue said...

Oh dear, I had to rethink my first reply to you Niall... I bet my husband won't want to lend it out. So let's rephrase it:
It's purely for us, a get away for now - although perhaps when I retire... If you ever wanted to come across the pond, though, and wanted a bit of a country experience, I'd be glad to take you there for a visit!

jozien said...

That is fantastic Sue, i am so glad we found eachother again :) i can't promise if i will be reading much of your blog, i had hardly ever read any blogs anymore, but who knows, winter is here (yes we had our first snow last night)