Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Ghost Story

So Beth told me a ghost story. It was a dream she had.
She dreamt that there are ghosts at the cabin.
There is a friendly old woman who haunts the cabin itself. She is dressed in old fashioned clothes. She likes to have tea with me, and she wants to share the folklore that she knows.
She also wants to warn me about the other ghosts.
The other ghosts are outside. They are also dressed in very old fashioned clothes. But they aren't happy and friendly.
They are walking by the cabin, coming down the path from the mountain, past the pond, and past the house.
They are not necessarily evil, but they are more ... tortured?
They are the victims of some violence.
Beth said that in her dream, she could see them walking. But she didn't want to look at them, because they are scary looking.
Not the happy little floaty kind of ghost - more like the rotted flesh, caved in skull kind of ghost.
And according to my friendly woman ghost, I had better leave them alone.

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