Monday, October 29, 2012


We've been waiting to get electric service to the cabin since we got it. It's been taking a really long time, but we haven't been worried, because it's fun to camp, and that's what we've been doing - camping there.

But we were really excited to get the call this week - the electric is in!   And even though we didn't MIND living there without electricity, we have a lot of reasons that we really like electricity.
Like music, for example.  We can't listen to the stereo without electricity.  I brought a portable player, and we went through about 10 D sized batteries in one weekend, and that's just too much.

(We like the sounds of nature, too, but music is lovely.)

And also - power tools.  Hard to do any work with power tools if you don't have power.

Since we had power tools now, the Husband got a lot of work done.

We have a long list of work to do there, and an idea of how important it is on the priority list.  My priority list might surprised you.  Safety is obviously the number 1 priority.  Anything to make the house safer as we use it has to be most important.  Number 2 in importance is any relatively "easy" and inexpensive job to make the place neater.  Which is why Husband has already started doing trim work --

like putting in
this door threshold,
going into the kitchen,

like covering these beams --

even though
we have
lots of
other things
to do.

Thor and I were eating our dinner - left overs we brought with us, prepared in the microwave, now that we have electric -- and we saw a car pull in.  I was sooo happy that Nicky came up to stay overnight with us!  It makes me so happy when my kids decide to spend time with us, even if they don't have to and we don't expect them.  Nothing in life is better than that. (And that goes for ALL of my kids, both my sons, and their friends, and my nephews and niece, and even all the kids I feel like are in my family even if they aren't!)
My handsome nephew William - we went for a short hike.
On Saturday afternoon, Thor and I made some time to hike around the property.  I love my property.  It still feels so weird that I can say it's "mine."  Like this rock pile.

There are so many mysterious areas, but slowly but surely the mysteries are becoming clearer.


Since Nick was there, Thor started working on the railings.  Like I said, safety is most important.  This is a safety issue - to a degree.  Because obviously it's safer to have railings, but since my kids aren't little anymore, I don't really worry about them falling.  On the other hand, I am afraid of heights, so I just feel safer being upstairs if I have a railing.  The railings are taking some time, but they'll be done sooner or later.  Hopefully before Thanksgiving.

And then, we headed home, earlier on Sunday than usual.  The big talk is of the impending storm, and we didn't want to get caught in the mountains and not be able to get home.   And the signs were a bit scary.

At home in Iselin, we don't think we need to worry much about flooding - at least not yet.  We aren't close enough to the ocean for the storm surge, I don't think.

Our biggest concern used to be the large trees next to our house, but they were trimmed down to nothing and so they aren't a concern anymore.

And back to the electric; it seems to be a likely concern that we will lose power, and if it goes out, it will be out for days.

But we are already used to dealing with no electric.  So I am not really sure why I should be too worried about that.  Sure, there will be no computer, TV, or house phone, ok that's fine.  My heat will go out - but I have a gas stove, so I can keep the house from getting too cold, and it isn't really that cold out right now anyway.  Plus, I can cook on a gas stove.  I would lose the food in my fridge and freezer - but I did freeze a lot of huge blocks of ice, so I'm hoping they will keep things cold long enough to get the power back.  And I don't have that much frozen or refrigerated food anyway.

And we might not lose the power, anyway.  But that would be a fitting end to this story, wouldn't it?

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