Friday, July 24, 2009

" ... I believe in miracles...."


jozien said...

me too!
Hi Sue!
I have been looking at the clouds too lately. We can always do a post on clouds, but then i think; everybody got clouds, probably as beautiful as mine.
And you say you've been reading. What? I read: the Tao of Poeh, i loved it. I forgot, but there must be a story, of Winnie the Poeh looking at clouds. Hey Sue, i just
want to say; keep writing, it doesn't matter; i love the way you write.

Sue said...

Hey Jozien! How are you?

I read the Tao of Pooh awhile ago, I'll pull it out and read it again :) Definitely a great idea!

I saw some swans this weekend and thought of you -- I'm going to post pictures of them, but they are on the camera my husband has, so it won't be too soon.

But you can look at my other photos I'm going to post later today :)