Friday, July 03, 2009

Preparing for an Epic Adventure

It's epic for me, at least.

I'm getting ready for another backpacking trip. Actually, it's a combination of Canoeing and Backpacking. The Venturing Crew is going -- which, on this trip, means my son Nick, my nephew, my son's best friend, the other leader and his daughter. Small group, but that's fine with me.

We're looking at doing about 24 miles down the river in a canoe, and 24 miles hiking back up along the Appalachian Trail.

Am I ready? I don't know. The whole time I was hiking the last time, I kept thinking to myself, "there is NO WAY I can do this." And that one was only 3.5 miles, for two days in a row. This one is 8 miles, for three days in a row. I am bringing Motrin.

I have no problems walking 8 miles. The problem is walking with 35 lbs of gear on my back. Up hill.

There is a lot of elevation gain in the beginning, but then it evens off and you walk along the ridge trail.

I have a back-up plan. I have Frankie on retainer. If I physically can not do it, I will call him up and make him come get me.

But like I realized last time, the big issue with hiking is a lot to do with determination. And I am determined to do this. At least this once; I may or may not ever do it again.

So say a prayer for me -- for the future me and the past me -- and for our whole group, that everything goes smoothly and that we get this accomplished!!!!

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