Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Back from my Epic Adventure!


I can't really do a post yet. I've got a lot of photo playing to do first. But I'm back from a place beyond anything! It was a great trip, I'll try to post first thing tomorrow -- which probably means like noon -- :D
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jozien said...

Hi Sue, i look forward to your post about your trip, a place beyond anything. Must be nice!
I tried to watch your show, but gave up where i had to down load something.... And to be honest, i can't handle much. I hope your child is not suffering too much from this condition, hmmmm.
xox, jozien

Sue said...

Hi Jozien!
I'm going to write a few posts about the trip... too much for one day's post!

I don't blame you for not downloading the tv show, it was a bit dry anyway :) and no -- Frankie is actually in remission now, so he's feeling great. There is no cure for Crohns but the remission could last forever (Crossing fingers!)

Talk to ya soon --