Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hey, remember that TV show I did about Crohn's ?

Way back in like March or something, I did a TV show for local public TV. It's called Caucus NJ, and the topic was children with digestive disorders. I talked about Frankie's experiences.

It's finally finished editing and scheduled to be on this weekend!

You can watch the show by clicking here - on the bottom of the page this brings you to, look for the little camera and click on it, and you should be able to watch!

I must remind you, though, that it is a show about children with digestive disorders -- not the most fascinating topic for most people -- and also, I looked VERY SCARY in that show. The makeup did NOTHING for me.

Let me know if you watch it, what you think.


Beth said...

I just watched the show...great job. I actually got teary eyed when he was congratulating you at the end for telling your story. (But I cry at telephone commercials too..) He didn't even get half of your story....I'm proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Saw the show... you did great.. if it was me I would hafta be on medication just to sit there and look dumb... like some kind of sedative... then the twitching would begin. then maybe some vomiting... definitely some sweating and heart palpitations...possible stroke. I am very Proud of the way are you sure we are related?
love, your Evil Sister

Sue said...

Thanks! I watched it again, and I think I did alright.

I'm glad they finally put it on, I was starting to think I was too ugly for TV and they didn't know how to tell me nicely, so they just were not going to run the show :)

Bunny - a lot of the family wonder where I come from, it's not just you :)