Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From Vincent's Blog, This Wonder-ful Life

I read this blog quite often. I get a lot of very useful philosophy out of it. Today, at This Wonder-ful Life, I read a post that really made sense. I'm reposting parts of it here... but check in with Vincent if you have a chance, for the whole thing. I also added the italics and bolds etc. ....

It is only natural
that we be concerned about the welfare of other people
and want to help them,
but it is a rule of wisdom for the mystical student
to learn to mind his own business
and not interfere in the lives of others.

There is considerable difference in
offering to help those who are in need,
and in urging others to follow our advice.

We must encourage others
to look within and seek their own solutions,
which will bring them a much greater
sense of satisfaction.

Service to others
must be placed in a common sense perspective.
We should try always
to help those who want to help themselves,
but we should not do for others
that which they must learn
to do for themselves.

... In our attempts at humanitarian service,
we make them all the more helpless...
thus we must avoid
the tendency
to prevent others from standing upon their own.

It is often asked,
“If the Cosmic is infinite
in its knowledge and power,
why doesn’t it do more to help

Quite simply,
the cosmic powers
to whom we look for guidance
are fully aware of the needs of humanity.

But they cannot
and do not
impose their will upon mankind.

They need willing souls
here on Earth
who will become
channels for service,
so that the cosmic powers
can be expressed
and manifested
here on this plane.

Our first task is to
radiate peace
at all times
to let
the harmony of the Cosmic
radiate from us.

A word of comfort and encouragement,
a smile or a thought,
is often all that is needed
to help those who seek greater understanding
to bear the burden
that life
has place upon them....

- Robert E. Daniels, F. R.C.

I've got a lot of work to do in attaining this. I tend to get very pushy about things when I'm trying to "help" someone, and I know it. But I like the idea that really, the only way someone can get help is by helping themselves. So all of my copious advice won't help anyone in the long run, because they need to look within and find their own solutions to their own problems.
Now, I just have to remember that!


Anonymous said...

Yes, introspection is the key. Forcing your will on someone else never works (especially with you - trust me :-)) Personal responsibility is underated.

I've been working on my OTHER 5 senses. Humor, Style, Direction, Honor & Wonder.

Love, Thor

Sue said...

I like being very introspective, personally. I am not always very responsible.

But - I like your other 5 senses --

Especially style!

Love ya honey

jozien said...

:) I love it.