Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On with November

Just a quick update.

Philly was lovely. Pearl Jam was spectacular. October is over.

November has begun. I started Nanowrimo, so I probably will have less lengthy posts this month -- I have a goal of 2000 words a day, and that will probably be all used up on my Nanoing.

Of course, I missed my 2000 words yesterday, because I went to get Frankie, who was kicked out of college (lol)

because he has "flu-like symptoms."

And NO ONE wants to see him -- the college Student Health Services said, "NO, DON'T BRING HIM IN -- We'll take your word for it and just write him a prescription, thank you very much! And buy the way, he must leave the dorm immediately!"

He was supposed to go to Philly and meet with his new Gastro dr. -- and they said, "NO, let's reschedule, we have an opening in January."

His Pediatrician's office said "NO, we really don't need to see him, thank you, YOU know how to take care of him already, so..."

So Frankie is home. He is sleeping up in his own bed. His fever was hovering around 103 - 104 last evening. He's taking Tamiflu, which should be really helpful. And since he already had a regular flu shot, our consensus is, well, I guess it must be swine flu? So he posted that he has Swine Flu on his facebook. He likes to suffer from dangerous illnesses. He better be careful he doesn't become quite a martyr. But no, no one has specifically TESTED him for Swine Flu, because no one wants him in the building.

I'm kinda glad he got it this week, when I'm home from work anyway, even if it does disrupt my plans a bit...

OK! On to Nanowrimo before he wakes up.


Seraphine said...

oh that's a scary fever! drink lots of liquids frankie and get well soon.
2000 words are too many anyway. honestly, i don't mind if you compress it all down into a simple haiku.

Sue said...

Sera, I might have to at least make it a limerick. I am nowhere near where I'm supposed to be!

If you get sick, try to get the tamiflu, it works wonders!