Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not a lot of posting lately, huh?

November has been a rather unfortunate month so far.

I haven't posted much, I know (Hi, Bri!)
but that was partly because I was trying to work on my Nanowrimo.

I must admit defeat. At least, for this year. I have not succeeded at Nanowrimo, and I know that already, even though the month is only half over. I have about 6000 words written. I like what I have. But it is not enough to get a story out of. I don't have a story arc; I don't have a plot. I have a collection of characters and situations. I thought they would organize themselves, but they haven't yet. I need 50,000 words, which means I should have about 25,000 so far - not 6,000. Oh well. Better luck next year. :)

Strangely, I've just started reading a book that is very similar to what I've written so far. I have to see how that book ends. It's quite good so far.

But November has been an ill wind, blowing no good. There has been ill health, and bad feelings. There has been swine flu and too many hormones. There has been little energy, and negative vibes. There has been drama. More than one drama. But everything works out ok eventually, I know that it is true. Things will all work out for the best.

And next year, I'll definitely succeed at Nanoing.

And for this year? I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, and a big dinner, and a cold snap that should clear my head. I'm looking forward to a crystalline sparkling December, and lights on my house and tree. I'm looking forward to a starry sky.

And for right now, I continue to be an appreciative audience for that kind of creation.


jozien said...

Hi Sue, you always bring a smile to my face. And now i feel bad, because really you say you had lots of... situations. But i know you are like me, somehow we take ourselves lightly, and see the silver lining(at times:)
And i know the flu is no fun, but suddely i realize, that the good thing about this flu-craze is that people stay home when they're sick.
Sue, can i read your story???

Sue said...

Hi, Jozien!
Don't feel bad, situations happen. :D I still see the silver lining, of course.
My friend Beth just asked if she could read my story, too. Part of the problem is that it doesn't really go anywhere. I'm going to look at it and try to put a piece of it up here. But not today :D

roller coaster teacher said...

6000 words written is good, regardless!