Monday, November 30, 2009

Where will the path lead?

Thanksgiving is over, and the left overs are almost gone. I was very sad today when I threw out a half of a banana cream pie, it was looking a bit gross -- I wish someone would have finished it! Like ME! But now it's time for the feeding frenzy to end until the next holiday hits. Time to eat a bit lighter. I'm happy, though, that MOST of the leftovers were eaten -- not too much went to waste. (Only to waist.) It helped to have plenty of company over the weekend. Like Gram used to say, a woeful waste makes a woeful want. So I'm glad they weren't wasted, and I won't be woeful.

Christmas is coming, and the decorating has begun. I'm quite pleased with the way the house is shaping up so far. This picture was last year -- I really hate to watch, so I didn't take pictures this year. But the lights are all up outside, one small tree is up inside - with another to go - and a few snowflakes are hanging in the windows; and of course as you already know, I have holly on the window sill. I'm not going overboard this year, I'm picking and choosing what I put up. I love lights and glitter and iridescence.

And I'm thinking a lot, as usual. I'm thinking about the past and present and especially the future. Not good, I know -- I should try to live in the RIGHT NOW!!! and mostly, I am very present in the right now. But not completely. I guess the good thing is that I'm not WORRYING about the past and the present and the future, I'm just wondering how it will all unfold.

I'm very happy with my RIGHT NOW. I wouldn't want to change a single thing. (Well, I guess the only thing I would really like to change, is I would like to be able to sleep later. Hehehe.) But aside from that, it's all good.

And I'm not really thinking much about my future, because I'm pretty content with the direction it's been going on so far. But I wonder about the kids -- really, all the kids. My own, and all my other kids who aren't even mine. They are on a pretty good path so far, hopefully.

But now is the time in their lives when every step they take, or don't take, is a decision that they have made. And since you can never see where the path will lead, it's sometimes hard to take the steps that you need to take to get where you want to go...

I worry about whether or not I am influencing them to take a different path then the one they would choose for themselves. It made me start to wonder - do I really believe in fate, or do I really believe we determine our own destiny? And I guess I decided that I believe in a combination of the two.
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So here's to following your own path, wherever it may lead. I hope it's lovely.


Anonymous said...

Momma Kemper. You really do help influence the path i take. Talking to you helps more then you know it. Even though your not my mom. YOU ARE MY MOM. I know i can come to you for anything. When you give me advice or just small talk, i listen to every word you say. I know i was on a very bumpy road at one part, but you helped me smooth out the path and i believe things are better. I know i tell you this all the time, but Thank you for everything. And your writing is very inspirational as well. Keep up the work well done and I love you. If you dont know who this is, then HAHA :p. Im pretty sure you do. Besides that point, have a nice day/ night. Ill see you soon.

Sue said...

Of course I know :)
and I love you too!
But no matter what advice I give you, only do what YOU think is right. That's kinda what I was worrying about when I wrote this.

But I know you are gonna be GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I dont know the meaning of right. Everytime i think something is right, it feels so wrong. and no need to worrry. Your writing is amazing.

And thanks , I hope soo :p

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :)
I love to read itt! :D

Beth said...

Hey Sue...I'm not sure which of the younger people have posted this comment but I want to thank them for thanking you...Whoever you are, and you many not know me but I'm one of Sue's oldest....well let's say...longest friends...and you showed real class with you comment. I don't know who you are but I can tell you're taking the right path.

Anonymous said...

Hello Beth :) Well that why its anonymous :p haha just kidding. Im Momma Kempers adpoted daughter Brianne. :D and thank you very much. I have alot of respect for her and i hope i am on the right path , if not. along the way ill pick up a GPS. No worries :) <3