Thursday, December 03, 2009

AAAAAHHH!!!! Look at the time!!!!!


Where is it all going???
Today's Thursday! Where did this week go? I have a ton of things to do, and I haven't finished any of them!
Plus, it's dinner time... and I don't know what I'm cooking! I haven't even thought about it!
I just looked up, and it's almost Christmas. I thought I was doing pretty well with the preparations, and it's almost here already! When will I go Christmas shopping???
I start getting very anxious when I feel like I'm getting behind.

So, I'm getting OFF this computer now. I've gotta get moving, I've got work to do!
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Sue said...

But...did I? Get off the computer? No, not for another half hour later or something.


Wenderina said...

One of those moments when I wish I had a magic wand to stop the clocks and spend time needed on all the must do's, want to do's, and even the don't care, but it's fun to do's.

jozien said...

Sue! You are way ahead of me, I am not even thinking about Christmas. Maybe I am too much in the moment.
Most of my moments filled with joy and too much to do, i didn't read your posts properly lately. aarrrggghh
I did read somewhere that you are content. That makes me happy! And gives me hope. My path these days; all the steps are glorious, but i don't know where it's taking me, or if i even want to be on this path.....ahhhh what to do? You think getting ready for Christmas, will help me?

Netizen101 said...

So now you know where the time went! :-)
I felt the same too. I said to myself: "What!? This is December already and Christmas 3 weeks away!"