Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Picnic

Last year, my bro-in-law Steve went hiking with his son to this park. It was snowy and the river and at least part of the water fall was frozen. They walked past a family who'd had the idea to bring a picnic lunch -- and the two Steves decided that it was a good idea. Thus, a new family tradition was born.

Well, part of a family tradition. Only part of the family made it.

And it wasn't snowing or very frozen this year.

But it was a very nice hike, and a lovely little park that we'd never been to before.

And the food was delicious! We had London Broil, Overly baked potatoes (we didn't take them out of the fire in time), Macaroni salad, and onions.

We hung out a while, hiked a bit, and then we hiked back outta there before it got dark. Lovely day. :)

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Anonymous said...

Great Idea! Bet it was fun.