Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cleaning the House

I'm not really cleaning. But I've been in a sort of "organizing" mood. Getting rid of junk kind of mood. Not at all normal for me.

My tupperware cabinet in the kitchen hasn't been really useful in more than 10 years. I stopped opening the door because every time I opened the door, a bunch of plastic fell out. But yesterday, I pulled everything out of there and washed it. I'm happy about that.

Of course, it's still sitting on my counters. But it's clean. And nothing falls out of the cabinet when I open the door.

I tossed a whole garbage bag of clothes out of my closet. I haven't actually donated them to charity yet, but they're going soon. And they aren't in my closet anymore. It was all stuff that I haven't fit into or worn because it's ugly or dated, and yet, I hated parting with it! Why am I such a hoarder?

The books, of course, are stacked everywhere around the house. I need to get them a little more organized, and then I'm having a book borrowing party, and I'm inviting everyone. Come on over and take some of these books. I'll let you know what the date is, as soon as I know...


Netizen101 said...

Hahahaha... You are so much like my sister. Every year, during spring cleaning, she will say, "Oh, I must get rid of some of these stuff." But in the end they all went back in again. Same same with the clothes. :-)

Sue said...

:) Yup, that sounds like me too!!! LOL

Pe@rL said...

ohhh sue it seems a similar tale with me, but sum times even if its hard we have to part from few things...i too am a big hoarder, and have lot things which are considered junk by all, but every time i think of throwing i think this may be of use later.....and its endless. haha