Saturday, January 09, 2010

Family Photo

Hi all
Here is a picture from New Years Eve

Our family is all together for the new year
and tolerating each other rather well
and being quite peaceful and basically pleasant
and sometimes, that's all you really need.

It's pretty cold outside.
We sit on the couch and warm ourselves in front of the tv.
Football is a huge presence in our weekends, for now.
(Ignoring that, I read a new book every weekend or so.)

We have plenty to entertain ourselves
and never have to leave the house
or really even talk to anyone -
not even each other, if we don't want to.

How long until we have cabin fever?
It hasn't happened yet this winter
but I doubt we can avoid it forever.
Even with TV, computer, books and music.

How are you doing?
Are you enjoying your winter?
Do you get out much, or are you happy at home?
What have you been doing with yourself?

Write soon,
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roller coaster teacher said...

LOVE your picture! I'm trying to stay in as much as possible. My bed is one of my favorite places. I think my family (dealing with illness), my job (as much as I love it), and the internet :O) overload my senses, so a cup of tea, my journal, pjs, and bed are wonderful these days :)

Sue said...

I hope the illness part is over quick, but your hibernation plan sounds wonderful!