Monday, January 18, 2010

Frankie is off again

After a long holiday break, I brought Frankie back to school yesterday. I'm not sure when the next time we'll see him. I was happy he was going back, for the same reasons I was glad he went away to school in the first place; it's really exciting, isn't it? It's a great thing for him. He's learning to be on his own, to take care of himself. Plus, it gets him out of the house, and that gets me out of his business. I don't WANT to hover, but if he's texting in front of me, I want to know who he's texting. If he is going out, I want to know where he's going. I need to separate from him.

He was pretty happy to be going back, too. Back to the dorm, which is like an entire kingdom exclusively for 18 - 25 year olds. Adults do not belong. Back to late nights playing video games and running from room to room. Back to a cafeteria that will feed him almost anything he wants any time he walks in - all he has to do is pick up a tray. (OK, he isn't learning to take care of his meals very well. He missed the cafe so much that he just didn't eat, at home, if someone didn't hand him his meal.)

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