Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Family Tree

I started this one on ...Friday I think?... and finished it on Sunday.

It's my Dad, although like I said he doesn't really look alot like that - although I think my Grandfather, in the back, looks pretty good. I worked from photos for both of them. It's about my Grandfather's story about growing the peach tree from a pit. I remember him talking about it just before he passed away, and I remember thinking that it was a really important story about him. And now my father has a peach tree in the back yard, and I think of it as him keeping a piece of his father alive.


Anonymous said...

Looks good, really like Grandpop in the back. Your Dad's right eye seems to have a little too much white or something. jd

Anonymous said...

The tree in our back yard is the one he planted from peach pits.

Sue said...

Pop did? Or Grandpa? I think it isn't the tree he was talking about at the time, though, in his story. I think he did that more than once. I think the one he was talking about was in Hillside somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Grandpop planted the peach pits that grew this tree. I'm sure he did do more than one though. This tree is two different peach trees that grew together to form one. We get different peachs on each side of the tree. Some years one side has a bumper crop and other years it is the opposite side. This year they both have a lot but more on the left side. Mom