Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The third floor was empty.


However, my family, being completely into the whole art experience, decided to create their own art installation. It's a piece of kinetic performance art. Can you tell? And it was exhibited on the third floor of the Visionary Art Museum, for a few seconds only. It's rare, and probably priceless. I call it "Sculpture number 3."
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jozien said...

Priceless indeed.
Well you know i like art. Especially bodies. You think i can paint them?
Sue, it sounds like you had a great time, wonderful!

Sue said...

Jozien, you are so good at painting bodies! I'm working on it. You make it seem effortless, and I struggle. But I'm going to dedicate my whole summer to it.

If you paint them I want to see!!! It would be great... I could buy it from you, my first Jozien original! :D

And yes, lots of fun!