Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Morning Glory Photo


I wanted to post another photo, because I think I need more art on here.

Today, all my artistry was taken up in cooking. I made galumpkis. I'm not sure how you write that. They are little stuffed cabbages. First, I made rice. Tnen, I fried bacon. Then, I fried onions. Then, I chopped parseley. Then, I added ground beef and ground pork. Then, I wrapped the whole thing up in steamed cabbage leaves. Then, I baked the whole thing in tomato sauce.

They are a polish tradition. I never had them until I was an adult; they are from my husband's side of the family. I really enjoy them, as an adult. But they are a LOT of work. The cabbage leaves don't get soft enough all the time; there is a big rib down the center that doesn't want to fold up correctly.

I like to make them, and I like to eat them. But I don't feel very creative when I cook. It's not as much fun for me as photography or painting. On the other hand, it's much more practical. It's an art with a purpose. When the boys came home from the big football game they went to, I had something interesting for dinner. Plus I made enough for the party I'm having on November 1st. (Everyone, including you, is invited. Just let me know if you can make it.)

I really wanted to spend some time drawing a picture. But I didn't.

So I am posting this photo, which I took the other day. It's not really a good picture for today. It rained today. It wasn't much like this photo shows. But, the photo is more artsy.
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Seraphine said...

i love your photo of the weathered fence and morning glories.
there are so many ways to be artistic. but i confuse artistic with being creative- one can be artistic without being creative.
but art and creativity go hand in hand.
cooking can be 'just cooking' without adding love.