Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not much to say

Everything is going along quietly here... nothing much to say, so I haven't been saying much.

I'm set up to do Nanowrimo next month. Nanowrimo is "National Novel Writing Month" and it's a great challenge. The goal isn't to write the perfect novel, it's merely to write the right number of words in the format of a novel. Last time I did it, I succeeded. But I had an easy thing to write about; I was writing about Frankie's illness. All that writing actually helped me process the stress. I thought it would eventually turn out to be a novel, but even though I succeeded - I wrote the correct number of words -- I didn't polish it enough to be a novel.

This time around, I'm going for fiction. That's all I've had, up until today. I want to write fiction, and I want to succeed.

I narrowed it down a little over the weekend, deciding that it wouldn't be fantasy fiction. Too many people are really into Neil Gaiman, including me, and he does it best. I don't want to try that yet.

Today, I narrowed it down even more. I think I will write fiction for a teen or pre-teen market. And obviously, it should be about boys, since I have boys.

Any boy names? I have to come up with a character next. And then, a plot. (gulp.)


Beth said...

How about Barnaby?
or Jake

Sue said...

Maybe both. I'll probably have more than one person in the story.

I thought of Dylan, because I don't know anyone named Dylan.

Anonymous said...

How about some of my really odd family names. Sobeski, Posie (Yes a man), Cyril, Delton, Letcher, I could go on and on.


pink dogwood said...

Great project - are you going to share your writing here? I hope so.

Good luck!!

pink dogwood said...

just tagged you on my blog - only if you feel like it :)

Sue said...

Hey Jude,
Could you imagine naming anyone Letcher? No one would even believe it. Maybe Arlis, though, for a girl in the story.

Dogwood -- I think I might be embarassed if it doesn't come out good. I have to see.

On the other hand, I'll write for the tag!

Anonymous said...

Hey you think you don't have much to say... how about Frankie's blog. Giants post was September 14th! He is worse than me! Ask him to post something again!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone believes in destiny?