Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Rayne said...

Excellent photo!
Makes me want to go draw mushrooms, now.
Wonder if that is an acceptable excuse not to clean the house?

Sue said...


Funny, it made me want to draw mushrooms too! And any excuse works for me :P

Niall said...

'Wordless Wednesday'...looks like there wasn't Mushroom for words!

Sue said...

ROFLMAO! <(see? No words!) :D

Anonymous said...

Looks like Alice has been nibbling on the shroom....she got smaller from that right??? No wait the caterpiller was smoking on that. the liquid made her grow??? Cake made her shrink??? I am sooo confused. Don't remember Alice in Wonderland too much... now I need to go watch the I will not read the can't make me!!!
Not that you were talking about Alice or anything...picture just reminded me.

Seraphine said...

did you know there are people who actually would know what this is? they even travel hundreds of miles with other mushroomers, on hunts for 'schrooms. they knoe esoteric things, like whether they are edible and how to use them as medicines. they find stools as beautiful as i think birds are, or the taste of chocolate.

Sue said...

c'mon, Sandi, read the book!

Actually, the mushroom reminded me of little fairies more than Alice. I could imagine wearing it, or sitting under it, more than eating it.

Sera, it is amazing how many things there are to do in this world. I have heard of people being passionate about orienteering with compasses. I have heard of people who spend their free time breeding and trading Leopard Geckos. There are the birders and I guess the mushroom people. I personally am passionate about the Boy Scout program, and of course blogging... it's a strange and wonderful world!

Anonymous said...

Thanks... I don't read it...what did happen at the giant mushroom???