Saturday, October 18, 2008

Summer is over


I always loved morning glories because of the way they glow.

I love black-eyed susans, too, because they are "my" flower -- my name is susan, I have black eyes... right. Anyway, morning glories are really cool.

I hate when the bugs start really chomping on the leaves and everything starts to get raggedy in the garden.

But today I've decided to embrace the raggedy-ness. Hey, I like Raggedy Ann alot too.

I went out into the garden today, and it's rather cool. Quite a nice fall day. The leaves should be falling all over themselves to start changing color. In fact, I've noticed a serious leaf drop since just yesterday. Anyway, back to the morning glories.

I went out into the garden and found a whole section of morning glories that were a different color than the ones I had planted originally. I don't know if they just mutated, or self-seeded, or if Ahn next door (who shares the fence) planted new ones.

So I wanted to take a picture of the new color. But they were all raggedy. I had trouble focusing on them. And I had trouble keeping out the raggedy leaves. I almost became disgusted with them.

But it's the end of the summer. Things get raggedy after the growing season. That doesn't mean they should be any less appreciated. I should appreciate them simply for the joy of finding a new flower that I didn't expect, and I shouldn't judge there looks by the same standard as the spring bulbs or the summer morning glories.

Wow, deep, huh???

I also had some other, unrelated thoughts. I was pulling weeds and became very aware of the fact that everything we do is a choice. It was like this zen realization of something I already knew, but it became clearer to me in the cold air with the birds singing and the sun in my eyes. Things don't just happen to us. Well, actually I guess things do just happen to us. But we still have a complete choice in how we react to them, and what we do about them. And whether we pull the weed, or put up with it just sitting there. We can choose to let it go and not worry about it, maybe even enjoy it's own peculiar weediness. We can choose to pull it out and clean up the garden. We can do anything we want, and it doesn't make the slightest difference. And if we want to be happy, we can do any of these things, but we just have to choose to be happy about whatever it is we do.

I'm totally believing in all of this happy horseshit, as Uncle Merle would have called it. Because it does make me happy, at least it does today. I hope I can keep believing in it tomorrow when I'm stressing out.
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Anonymous said...

Our leaves peaked last week and are almost gone now. We had frost last night. Well that's the Poconos! Looking forward to snow! It won't be too far off now.


Anonymous said...

I noticed a morning glory in my garden this afternoon too. I had not planted them this year, I was hoping they would self seed and I guess they did. However, there was only one flower and it didn't show up until October!


Netizen101 said...

Lovely picture of the Morning Glory!

Yes, life is about choices.

Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made. - Wayne Dyer

You may not be able to choose your lot in life, but you can choose how to handle your lot. - Unknown

Anonymous said...

Life is about choices and you can choose to be happy. But sometimes you keep getting handed shit. And no matter how hard you try to pretend it doesn' still stinks. I do consider myself very lucky...for the most part. I do have wonderful parents, a great sister, a beautiful son. But it is very hard to be happy sometimes. Even with all I have. Slightly selfish, I guess.

Sue said...

I know it's easiest to take this philosophy when all is going rather well. AND my hormones are in balance.