Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here's Nick.


I didn't want to leave out Nick. Sometimes it seems like I mention Frankie way too often.

Nick doesn't want to be an Eagle Scout. He just wants to be in scouting. He is in both the troop and in the Venturing Crew. He's actually Vice President of the Crew.

Just because Nick doesn't have the "over-achiever" gene doesn't mean that he isn't just as great.

In fact, Nick is just super-cool.
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Beth said...

Hey, not everyone needs to be an eagle scout....I know that Nick is cool and so does Kelly and Sabrina....

Anonymous said...

Yea Nick!!!!!! Yes, you are a great kid. Never, Never, Never compare yourself with ANYONE else! Do your best and do what you love and be happy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick...I hear you are giving my son dating tips. Make sure they are rated G. He still isn't allowed to kiss a girl yet....(although he hasn't listened to me yet)
Aunt Bunny