Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Frankie's 18th Birthday


I missed his actual birthday this year. Thinking back, I probably missed Nicky's birthday last year. He's a December baby, and December is CRAZY.

But here (belatedly) is a birthday party picture for Frankie. This year, we went to Bertucci's with a few of his friends and family. 18 is a big year.

Why is 18 a big year???

For one thing, when I called the insurance company to question one of his medical bills, they told me that they could only speak to him. Because he's 18. A legal adult.

They also said that if we don't PAY his doctor bills, it goes on HIS credit rating. (WOO HOO!) (JK)

18 year olds in New Jersey can buy lottery tickets, but they can't gamble in Atlantic City because they serve liquor.

I hear that 18 year olds can go to strip clubs -- the real nude ones -- because those kinds of strip clubs serve juice, not liquor. The other kind of strip bars, where the girls don't get completely nude, serve liquor, so you must be 21.

18 year olds can get a tattoo. They can join the military.

Today, he went to the Division of Motor Vehicles. He updated his license, so it is no longer a provisional license. He no longer has a curfew or a limit to the number of passengers in his vehicle. (He still has a curfew according to his mother.)
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Seraphine said...

happy birthday frankie!
it's crazy being an adult, but it's a lot saner than being in high school.
still, and i know it's difficult, try not to rush into adulthood too fast. do something that will define you: climb a mountain, travel to spain, spend a winter at a ski resort, volunteer for something you feel passionate about. you'll be a more interesting person for it.
that's my birthday gift. free advice. lol.
oh and go to college.

Sue said...

Hi Sera, and thanks for posting birthday wishes... I'll make sure he sees it. I actually really like your advice. The go to college part is a given for him; the adventure is something he might need to be pushed to do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue, you forgot that Frankie can now VOTE....
That seemed like the only biggie when I turned 18....or should I say we....no wait...when we turned 18 we could legally drink.
Sorry about that Frankie....we were grandfathered in back then, you still have to wait until 21.
...psst...Frankie...ask your Mom about standing outside the Alibi liquor store and asking strangers to by us liquor so we could walk the street of Iselin drunk.....ooops... Sue's mom don't read this....;)
I'm staying anonymous on this one....tee hee...

Seraphine said...

i didn't get push more so than i rather stumbled and fell into things. but at least my directionlessnes was a direction. I didn't stop. and look how i turned out. *cough*

Sue said...

:D LOLololol...

Sera, were you stumbling into things because you were walking around drunk like Beth and I???

Beth, you can't stay anonymous on this one. I'm outing you, since you outed me...

As for voting, that may have been a freudian slip, since I'm so sick of the whole electoral process and since I have no faith in anyone running for office.

He can also serve jury duty.

Anonymous said...

I read it, and at this point why would I care, I can't ground you now! I'm just thankful that you girls didn't get into any real trouble. By the way, did Frankie register to vote? and is he going to vote?


Beth said...

Wow...I never thought I would ever be outed.....