Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Lifetime Achievement Goal

So, what's new around here? It's still raining, but I'm getting a little more energy. When I think about backpacking this weekend, I have two overwhelming feelings; one of tiredness, and one of excitement. Backpacking has been one of my lifetime goals for several years now. And this trip is going to be brief, certainly, but it is also going to be important -- because it's is going to be my maiden voyage, the trial run, etc.etc.etc.

So thinking about getting everything together... and this rain... makes me feel a little tired and overwhelmed. I've got SO MANY things I'm supposed to do in the next few days..... And in the next few weeks.... In fact, in the next few months. When I start thinking about it, I get rather stressed. So then I have to stop thinking again, and that helps.

Today, Frankie has been sick and that's thrown off my plans a bit. He let himself get run down after such a busy weekend, and now he can't go camping with us. I had it all figured out, who was staying with who, who was driving who. None of those plans work without Frankie going. That's another good quote -- "We plan, and God laughs." Which is another reason I can stop thinking and not worry too much about it. Whatever is going to happen will happen whether I'm ready or not.

That may be a big part of why I'm eager to try backpacking. It's balancing being completely prepared, with never being able to be completely prepared. It's balancing all the planning with all of the things you can't plan for.

I'm great at car camping, because I know just what I need to bring to be extremely comfortable. Now, I want to try being comfortable with nothing. I want to let everything go, all material things that seem necessary, and see how well I can do.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Anonymous said...

Have fun and good luck. The weather is supposed to be nice for the weekend. Hope Frankie feels better.


Sue said...

Thanks Mom!
Pray for no rain and very few bugs!