Friday, June 05, 2009

SO MANY prom pictures. I can't help it!

Frankie went to the prom with a very nice girl who he is friends with. I've met her on several occasions, and she is a really good girl, friendly, caring, bubbly, and sensible... I really like her.

Frankie told me that he had a great time, and danced a LOT. He said it seemed to him that everyone at his table had fun.

The prom is so difficult, isn't it? I don't remember mine too well. My clearest memory is being in the bathroom with a girl who was crying because people were being mean to her. I don't remember it being a really great time. On the other hand, I don't remember crying myself, so that's a good thing.

Really, the prom is not that big of a deal... and at the same time, it almost seems bigger than graduation. Because it is all about connections and relationships and cliques and images, and at that stage of your life everything seems so dramatic. And if you aren't "in", or if someone hurts your feelings, or ignores you, you can feel like it's the end of the world. Teens have so little perspective, it seems so important. I told Frankie that he should definitely try to go, but that he shouldn't necessarily expect it to be the greatest party EVER. But, as it turns out, (and thanks in large part to Brianne!) -- he really did have a great time.


There are just so many nice pictures!
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Brianne made it to the prom in spite of having family things going on that day that would have made almost any other girl back out. I really appreciate - more than I can say - that she and her family made such a huge effort to keep Frankie from being let down!


jozien said...

I know how proud you are Sue.
Tomorrow, Alexander has prom night.

Sue said...

Jozien - I hope you post some pictures too? Will he let you?